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Welcome to “Episode III of


hosted by Mentor Mama.

Join Mentor Mama for ”Intimate Moments with the SUPER NOVAS of our Industry”.   In appreciation of your support, Mentor Mama is bringing you MIKE DILLARD,  the most enormous SUPER NOVA of all, in the interview below.

In addition to Mike Dillard, she has collected amazing interviews with the “BEST of the BEST”, including Mike Klingler,  Mark Hoverson, Ann Sieg, Brian Fanale, Todd Falcone,  Jairek Robbins, Adam Holland, The Empowered Tribe, and many more surprise guests.

She has hunted down Gurus in other specialities, as well,whose expertise will propel you forward in your marketing career.  Specialists like Noel Wu, Image Consultant to the Stars, and Joey Borden, professional videographer to the top producers will reveal the secrets that make the GURUS look good.


have the opportunity to listen in as


Reveals the Qualities Required to be

an Internet Marketer!

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I hope that you enjoy this down-to-earth Interview!

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WOW!  What a great guy!  I sooooo want to hear what you thought of Mike’s reflections.

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16 Responses to ““MIKE KLINGLER’s SUCCESS SECRETS” — Grill the Guru: Episode III”

  1. Gregory Elfrink - Network Marketing Books Says:

    Excellent – Mike Dillard is a fantastic guy and really down to earth. One of the things that led me to buying Magnetic Sponsoring was that fact.

    It impressed me, as well as the information he had to offer people that were in my situation. Really cool stuff.
    Gregory Elfrink – Network Marketing Books´s last [type] ..Make Money in MLM Lesson 3- The Power of Network Marketing Books!


  2. Gail Foley Says:

    Hi Mentor Mama,

    Mike Dillard definitely paved the path for many other gurus tapping into what he started! I liked hearing about those goals – pretty hefty and he did it and more! Definitely an inspiration…coming from a very genuine guy!

    With a smile,

    Gail Foley´s last [type] ..Smile Tip 1 – Play Like A Kid!


  3. Linnea Says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Great video. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I enjoyed hearing how he set and reached his goals at such an early age. He definitely seems like a really great guy. It is interesting that he figured out so much at the age of 19.
    Linnea´s last [type] ..Avatar Content Ideas


  4. Ted Hunsaker Says:

    Congratulation on getting an interview with Mike Dillard. Mike is a wonderful marketer to learn from and his story is amazing. I would like to also congratulate him and his wife for the birth of baby Chase Dillard.
    Ted Hunsaker´s last [type] ..Six Steps To Developing a Strong Personal Brand For Your Online Business


  5. Lesly Says:

    Mentor Mama, I LOVE you! This was great. I look forward to seeing you “grill” the gurus… love it..
    Lesly´s last [type] ..Oh … So Preventable


  6. Debbie Lattuga Says:

    What a fantastic series. I should start a series “Grill the Mama’s”, cuz you know mama’s know all the secrets.

    Keep up the good work.

    One Love,
    Debbie Lattuga


  7. Matthew The 7 Figure Networker Says:

    Hey there Nancy, you’ve got some solid interviews here. I’m gonna opt in to see them all right now.
    Matthew The 7 Figure Networker´s last [type] ..The 7 Figure Networker – A Legitimate System


  8. Jaden Daniels Says:

    Mentor Mama,
    I can’t wait to see all the videos. Mike Dillard is one I really respect. I have almost all of his products.

    This video series is going to be great. Thanks for sharing them.

    Jaden Daniels´s last [type] ..How To Change Your Bad Feelings To Good


  9. Gary Young China Sourcing Says:

    I like the idea that personal development is a process and not magic. And yo have to have mentors. No one can do it on their own. And of course you have to have that hunger that Mike talks about.
    Gary Young China Sourcing´s last [type] ..Links for 2010-09-24 delicious


  10. Chris McCargar Says:

    Hey Momma,

    I REALLY like what Klingler had to say. He’s straightforward and to the point… don’t hang out with those who are not going to be a positive effect on you personally, or your business.

    He had some great advice about being mindful, aware and making choices about dealing with “toxic” relationships. That works, whether in business or personal relationships.

    You manage to pack a lot in to these short videos, Momma!
    Chris McCargar´s last [type] ..The Tripura Foundation


  11. Melodie Kantner Says:

    This was a great video. He said several things that I can relate to.
    Melodie Kantner´s last [type] ..Are You Thinking About Buying Network Marketing Leads


  12. Arthur and Taralee Says:

    I have to say Nancy your series is absolutely awesome, and i will be and i will continue to follow it. Keep being the awesome lady you are, and you will continue to be a blessing to me and others.

    Be blessed & Have Success
    Arthur and Taralee Bernier
    Arthur and Taralee´s last [type] ..Mastery Is A Journey Love It Ultimate Mind Mastery


  13. Emmie Olivas Says:

    What a great video! It is such a valuable tool to be able to share this with the world. Look forward to more!



  14. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Nancy,

    I really like what Mike Klinger had to say once I opted in to your youtube videos. He “tells it like it is” and really gives everyone what it really will take to be very successful.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Kellie :)
    Kellie Hosaka´s last [type] ..Are You Willing To Transform To Become A Successful Entrepreneur


  15. Glyna Humm Says:

    Hi Mentor Mama – I love Grill the Guru! Who is next on your list? You have quite a list of gurus going so far – I can’t wait to see what you have coming up this year! Keep up the great work!
    Glyna Humm´s last [type] ..Appreciation Marketing – A Must Read For Home Business Owners!



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